Skip Hire Doncaster


Maxi skip hire is a type of waste management service that provides large skips for the disposal of bulky or heavy waste items. This type of skip is often used by businesses or households undertaking a major clean-up project, such as a renovation or construction work.

Maxi skips are generally much larger in size than standard domestic skips, and can hold up to 10-15 cubic yards of waste material. This makes them ideal for disposing of large items such as carpets, mattresses, furniture and appliances. They can also be used for commercial waste such as construction debris and office equipment.


Construction and industrial sectors create a considerable amount of waste material that needs to be disposed of properly and promptly for the sake of hygiene and well being. Doncaster Skip Hire is always prepared to help; simply get in touch with our staff. We offer a variety of maxi skip hire sizes throughout the area. We offer a wide range of skip hire sizes in Doncaster including 10-yard, 12-yard, 14-yard, 16-yard, and 18-yard.

Our 10-yard skip is perfect for medium waste production needs while the larger 12-yards are excellent for substantial tasks like huge stores or mini factories. Our skip hire services in Doncaster are popular with customers needing to dispose of heavy metal, wood, plastic, and other bulky items. We can deliver 14-yard, 16-yard, and 18-yard skips at great prices for your convenience. Maxi skips are also available – call us today to arrange same day delivery or book for a later date.


For commercial use, you can get a 10-yard skip size in Doncaster at a competitive price with top-quality service from us. Our staff is dedicated to ensuring that you get the highest standard of skip hire in Doncaster, and we highly value customer feedback and suggestions. A 10-yard maxi skip can store up to 100-110 black bin bags of waste, measuring 3.5 m length x 1.5 m height x 1.75 m width – enough capacity for a 7.6-meter cube of trash. Our skips are great for disposing of general construction materials like rubble, soil, and debris, as well as shop litter, wood scraps, and textiles.

Doncaster skip hire is delighted to offer an affordable solution for our customers. We are a highly dependable and reliable skip hire company in the area and our rates vary based on postal code and region, as well as any additional requirements such as obtaining council permits. Our customer-oriented staff, with their professional and amicable demeanor, makes us a preferred choice.


In Doncaster, you can trust Doncaster Skip Hire as a first-rate skip service. We provide 12-yard maxi skips which are the ideal solution for handling bulky commercial waste. It has enough capacity to support up to 120-130 full black bin bags. Every customer is important to us, so we make sure that our maxi skip hire services in Doncaster are flexible and prompt. A 12-yard skip size in Doncaster measures 3.7 m in Length x 1.68 m in Height x 1.75 m in Width.

Doncaster skip hire is a highly competitive company that offers all sizes of skips. Its 12-yard skip cost will vary, based on your area and how long you need it for; normally two weeks. However, if you’d like to keep it for an extended period, extra fees may apply. For further details, contact our customer service team.


A 14-yard maxi skip is a perfect solution for getting rid of big bulky construction materials. Whether you have rubble, concrete, gravel or soil, wood, steel, or unused components – we’ll take it! If you’re in Doncaster, give us a try – our skip hire service promises prompt and dependable service. This size can accommodate up to 140-150 black bin bags of rubbish. Dimensions are 4.1m Length x 1.8m Height x 1.75m Width.

Using our 14-yard skip hire in Doncaster, you can acquire assistance quickly and at an economical rate. At Doncaster Skip Hire, we guarantee a dependable and reasonably priced service. The cost may deviate due to location, time of renting, or council permit set up. If you require further advice regarding the services we offer, feel free to contact us at any time and we’ll be happy to help.


A 16-yard maxi skip from Doncaster is an ideal bin for construction sites. Our large skips are designed to store up to 170-180 black bin bags of rubbish and 12.23 cubic meters of waste – demolition material, stones, gravel, boulders, and more. This skip size measures 4.3m long x 2m high x 1.75m wide and we offer discounted prices and the best quality service.

Doncaster skip hire is actively looking after its skip hire facility in the area. We provide a convenient and conscientious service, and the cost of a 16-yard skip depends on certain aspects such as duration of hire and council permit requirements. To take advantage of realistic, accurate, and professional advice, it is advisable to contact our help team. With us, you can be sure of getting reliable customer service at an affordable price.


At Doncaster Skip Hire, we provide the 18-yard skip size as the largest option in our maxi skip range. Suitable for extra and large waste production sites, they are available to hire for a two-week period and can be yours with wait-and-load service at an incredibly reduced price. Our skip hire is highly efficient and well organised, with this particular size providing capacity for up to 190-200 black bin bags of waste. This skip has a traditional skip bin look, while larger sizes take on the shape of jumbo containers. Dimensions: 4.3 m Length x 2 m Height x 1.75 m Width.

The team at Doncaster skip hire prioritize a positive customer experience, striving to provide cost-effective solutions. The price of an 18-yard skip will depend on several elements such as the amount of time required. A thirty minute wait and load service is economically accessible. However, if the placement of the skip needs to occur on public land, an additional fee to cover council authorization may need to be factored in.

Maxi vs Builder Skip Hire Comparison

Maxi skip hire is ideal for large-scale projects, such as building new homes or clearance jobs. They can hold a lot more waste than builder skips, so you won’t need to empty them as often. However, they’re also more expensive to hire. Builder skips are better for smaller projects, such as renovating a bathroom or kitchen. They’re cheaper to hire than maxi skips, but they can only hold a limited amount of waste. This means you’ll need to empty them more often, which can be inconvenient.


Maxi vs Midi Skip Hire Comparison

Maxi skips are the larger of the two options, and can hold a considerable amount of waste. This makes them ideal for large-scale projects, such as renovations or house clearances. They can also be used for commercial purposes, such as construction sites. However, because of their size, maxi skips can be more difficult to manoeuvre and may require a permit from your local council. Midi skips are a smaller option, but still have plenty of space for domestic waste disposal. They’re perfect for smaller projects, such as a garden tidy up or small bathroom renovation. Midi skips can be easily manoeuvred and don’t usually require a permit; making them a more convenient option for many people. However, because they’re smaller in size, they may need to be emptied more frequently than a maxi skip.



  • Maxi skips can hold a lot of waste – up to 12 tonnes! This is ideal for larger projects such as renovations, office clear-outs or garden landscaping.
  • They are very convenient – you can have the skip delivered and collected at a time that suits you, and you don’t have to worry about disposing of the waste yourself.
  • Skip hire is usually very affordable, especially when compared to the alternative of hiring a rubbish removal company.
  • Maxi skips are great for recycling – most skip hire companies will recycle as much of the waste as possible, meaning less goes to landfill.
  • Hiring a maxi skip is often quicker and easier than booking a council bulk waste collection, which can sometimes be fully booked for weeks in advance.


  • They can be difficult to manoeuvre.
  • They can be heavy and difficult to load.
  • They can be expensive to hire.
  • They can take up a lot of space.
  • They can be difficult to find a suitable location for.


Maxi skip hire can be a great way to manage your waste disposal needs and keep costs low. However, it is important to remember that there are certain pros and cons associated with this option. Ensure you weigh up all of the possible benefits and drawbacks before deciding on whether maxi skip hire is right for your project or not. In doing so you can make sure that you get the most from your money and don’t end up with more rubbish than what you intended to dispose of in the first place.